Antique Wardrobe

With time, age sets in pine wardrobes, giving them a quality that best represents their generation. Older wardrobes exhibit the kind of fashion existed during the time that they were produce and used, and the wood is able to reflect the mood of that certain generation.

Pine is a soft kind of wood. However, compared to other softwoods, pine is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Pine wardrobes can withstand several years of usage, which is why a lot of them abound in antique shops. They are also classic pieces of furniture, as they have always been popular with many home owners throughout the years.

Pine woods may appear darkly toned, or lightly tinted. This versatility in the appearance of the wood manifests well in antiques pine wardrobes. They look extremely well with any style and decoration in the house no matter how modern or contemporary the ambience is, since depending on how they are placed the wardrobes do not automatically give a feeling of antiquity.