Hygienic Behaviors

Certain personal hygiene behaviors can contribute to how severe acne can become, and the kind of damage that can occur. In order to control existing acne, avoid touching the skin where the acne is, as hands can transfer additional oil and bacteria on to the face and make the condition worse. Hair can cause additional sweat and oils to be released on to the face, so pulling hair off of the face can help to avoid worsening any acne condition. Do not use soaps or lotions that have any kind of oil base. Water-based creams and make up are often gentle enough for skin with acne.

Treating acne will most likely never eliminate the condition. Treatment is only successful when trying to control acne. If acne begins to clear with a particular treatment, it is important to continue with that treatment because the acne will return without the treatment. If all personalized attempts to control acne fail, a dermatologist is likely to be able to offer a number of treatment options with some success.