Knotty Wardrobes

When you go out to check on the designs of the pine wardrobes, you will find that part of the appeal of pine wood is its knotty features. Compared to other types of wood, pine has extremely interesting grain and knot patterns. These qualities naturally translate to the wardrobe, thus creating a rustic appearance, making it a valuable piece of furniture. Some areas of wood may look defective or uneven and may even be heightened by oil coats, but somehow these features add more to the quaintness and artistic appeal of the furniture. The uneven dark patches are a nice contrast to the yellowish tint of the pine wood.

Pine wardrobes, specifically those will well-selected details, would look perfect in some bedrooms. They particularly go well the with softer furniture of the room, providing accent to the overall look, what with the gorgeous mix of light and dark tones on the wood surface.